Blackjack Card Counting Detection and Casino Surveillance

Why Casinos Hate Card Counters

Casinos guard their house advantage jealously. After all, it's their livelihood at stake. Now advantage players like card counters are gamblers who have researched the mathematics of casino games (in this case, blackjack) and found ways to overcome or, at least, minimize the house edge. These advantage players deal big losses to the casino. Sure, you may not make a fortune on your own. But combine your efforts with those of other card counters and advantage players and the casino's losses turn bigger. One ant bite may be a small thing, but a whole army of fire ants chewing on you sure would be a pain in the ass, wouldn't it?

Card Counting Legal Issues

Card counting is not illegal. It is actually just another strategy. A blackjack player has every right to use information available to him or her so long as they do not manipulate the cards, or use any external device or source of information. That is good news. It means you can never go to jail for card counting.

The bad news is that casinos have a right to dismiss you anyway if you are caught or suspected of card counting. Casinos are private establishments and they say who goes in and who does not. If you are caught, you may receive a warning, or be asked to play a different casino game, or at most, be banned permanently from the casino.

Casino Blackjack Surveillance

Since a book on card counting was published in the 1960s, casinos have been on the lookout continuously for card counters. Today they may use any combination of surveillance cameras, ground personnel, private investigators and high-end devices for the purpose.

What exactly do the casinos look for? One of the most obvious signs is the betting pattern. Card counting requires a betting system to go with it. So if you are caught following a predictable wagering pattern, you may be dismissed as a card counter. It is important to change your betting habits from time to time to avoid being noticed.

Another sign is being unusually quiet. Card counters especially new ones need to be very focused to stay with their count. If a player keeps too quiet, it may alert the casino staff as well.

Card counters and other advantage players may also carry video and audio devices in their person. These foreign objects are actually illegal and you must never use them.

Card counting is a good blackjack technique to learn. But you have to be able to disguise yourself very well if you are going to use it often. Casino surveillance cameras and people are watching you. You may mean business, but so do the casinos!

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